About Kenley

Kenley School was founded by Catherine Kenley in 1971. Mrs. Kenley, a professor of education at Abilene Christian University, knew that some bright children needed to be taught in a different way in order to reach their potential. Until her death in 1975 she worked to realize the dream that is reflected in the school's motto..."If a child doesn't learn the way he is taught, we teach him the way he learns."

In 1975, Rosalind Shields reestablished the school with 14 students in the education building at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church. After several years the school moved to its present site, and it grew to 69 students in 2002. Through these years, many people have helped with financial contributions, wisdom, love and hard work. In this time hundreds of children learned to love school, made friends and became successful. None of it would have been possible without the dedication, commitment and leadership of Rosalind Shields Buffaloe.

Marianne Kwiecinski became the Director of Kenely School in 2004. Before she served as a director, Marianne taught at Kenley as a teacher of the seventh and eighth grades for 27 years. During her leadership from 2004 to 2015, Kenley underwent major changes of better technology support, curricula, and programs for students with diverse instructional needs. In 2013, Kenley was accredited by AdvanED/SACS (Southern Association Colleges and Schools).

Our current school director, Qi Hang, has worked at Kenley for more than 7 years, most of the time as teacher of the sixth and seventh grades. She is committed to the standards set by her predecessors, and is dedicated to the goals of the school.