Admission Requirements

  1. Kenley School exists for the purpose of serving learning disabled children with unique educational needs. The staff at Kenley School is not equipped to serve children with mental, visual, hearing, emotional and/or physical disabilities. Admission to Kenley School is without regard to race, sex, national origin or religious belief and is based upon the following criteria.

    1. Meeting requirements listed in Section II
    2. Availability of student opening at appropriate grade level.
    3. Student exhibiting average or above average intellect as documented by:
      1. Full scale score of 85 or above on an intellectual assessment (IQ) which measures both verbal and performance intelligence, or
      2. There is significant difference between the performance in one or more academic areas and the child's intellectual abilities.

    4. Learning difficulties that are NOT the result of primary emotional or behavioral problems.
    5. Agreement of family to pay full tuition unless scholarship help is requested and granted.
    6. Determination by the school that placement at Kenley School is appropriate for the applicant and the school.

  2. The following must be received before an applicant is considered for acceptance:
    • Application for enrollment
    • Interview with parent(s)
    • Interview with applicant
    • Visitation in classroom by student, if indicated
    • Test results and records from previous school
    • Teacher questionnaire
    • Test scores on intellectual assessment (WISC-IV preferred)

  3. The following must be received when the applicant is accepted as a Kenley School student:
    • Registration Fee
    • Acceptable immunization record
    • Financial agreement
    • Copy of birth certificate and social security card

  4. Any exceptions to the stated requirements must have approval from the Director or the Admissions Committee.

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