A battery of diagnostic tests is administered to each student upon enrollment in Kenley School. A learning profile is then developed to enable the teaching staff to instruct each student based on learning style and academic needs.

The curriculum presented is as follows:

written language
social studies/history
computer literacy
music/ art
physical education
speech/language therapy
study strategies

Many of the Kenley students have language-based learning disabilities, which affect reading, spelling, written and oral language skills. Our programs are designed to meet these needs.

Full-time teachers at Kenley School have received 62 hours of professional development in Neuhaus, a multi-sensory phonics program for students with dyslexia. Kenley teachers use this program along with My Reading Coach, Lexia Reading Core 5, components of our daily reading curriculum, which integrate phonics, grammar, language development, spelling, and foundational reading comprehension skills. Students develop proficiency in reading basic skills from these programs and from reading books on their own reading level.

In addition, Kenley teachers have received 35 hours of professional development at Schools Attuned, Dr. Mel Levine’s All Kinds of Minds training workshop. This is a program that helps teachers, parents and students understand strengths and weaknesses in different areas of learning and to then develop strategies for success.

Information on these programs is available on the following websites: