Admissions Process

The admissions process begins with a call to our office, at 325-698-3220. During this inquiry phone call, you have the opportunity to discuss your child′s academic needs and learn about Kenley School. You also can schedule an interview with the Kenley School Director, Rick Cason. When it is necessary, the applicant will have a visitation in classroom to experience a regular school day.

Parents will be requested to submit a completed application for enrollment, recent test results and records, teacher questionnaire, and psychological and educational evaluations for the Admission Committee to review. Parents will be notified with an admission decision within two weeks after the committee receives all the application materials. Openings are determined after re-enrollment of current students has been completed.

"My child is a living example of the positive aspects of Kenley. Kenley has proven your motto with this child. My child now loves school."