The Kenley Difference

"If a child doesn't learn the way he is taught, we teach him the way he learns." Kenley teachers are on a quest to see how each student learns best.

Kenley teachers teach and reinforce basic knowledge using visual, auditory and kinesthetic channels.

We specialize in individualized instruction. Testing is used to place students in appropriate instructional levels and to help teachers and parents understand the nature of problems and strengths of the child. Direct focused instruction is used to remediate areas of weakness.

Testing is used to measure students' educational progress and the effectiveness of our programs. It is optimal for students' grades on assignments to be in the 90's. Every nine weeks Progress Reports are sent to parents.

Cooperation and tolerance are encouraged. Competition is minimized.

Each student is encouraged to do his best to improve upon his weaknesses and celebrate his strengths. Students are involved in forming personal goals and are encouraged to meet those goals.

It has been said, "Success is like a vitamin." Kenley teachers look for ways to help students become successful.

The school has simplicity about it. Classrooms are clean, neat and uncluttered. Learning disabled children need organization and few distractions. Our classrooms reflect that fact.

Classrooms are staffed with a certified teacher and an assistant. There are no more than 10 students in grade one and no more than 13 in grades three through eight.

Students are taught organizational skills and study strategies. Classrooms have a predictable schedule.

The morning begins with recreational reading. Teachers help students choose books on their recreational reading level. They read with the students and discuss the stories.

Behavior management is used to foster appropriate behavior in students. On Friday afternoons an event is planned for students who have had good behavior and have completed assignments.

Field trips are an important part of our curriculum. Each class participates in at least 4 field trips during the school year.

The arts are important at Kenley School. Classes in art and music are offered, and classroom teachers also integrate the arts into their curriculum.

Our students spend time daily working with their Chromebooks to further their education.

A majority of students at Kenley have language based learning disabilities. A speech and language pathologist offers remediation and works with teachers to help students in the classroom. Teachers consider the language level of the student when planning instruction.

We seek to instill a love of good literature. Teachers read to their students daily.

We provide instruction in phonics and word study.

We grade kindly in green ink. Incorrect items are given a check mark and students then correct their errors.

Fun is an important part of each school day.

Students are encouraged to look beyond self. To foster this approach each class is involved in an annual service project.

Teachers at Kenley School participate in professional growth and are knowledgeable in the latest educational research.

Education of parents and the community is one of the goals of Kenley School.

We sponsor speakers in the field of learning disabilities and have books and videos that can be checked out.