Kenley School has been a pioneer in the field of teaching students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities since its establishment in 1971. Governed by a board of directors, Kenley School is a non-profit day school for boys and girls in first through eighth grade.

Kenley School features small classes with a staff-student ratio of one to four. A highly trained staff provides individual and small group instruction for students while incorporating hands-on experiences to facilitate learning. Teaching methods are selected to meet the individual needs of each student.

Intellectually capable children who are unable to achieve in school because of a learning disability are accepted as students. It is the goal of Kenley School to prepare students for successful return to the classroom.


Mission Statement

Kenley School provides individual instruction to help children with learning disabilities accomplish their greatest potential in a place where children feel safe, successful and experience the joy of learning.

This is met by the following:

· A caring staff who receive instruction in research based teaching methods that will benefit children with learning disabilities

· Providing small group instruction on the student's academic instructional level

· Administering nationally standardized testing to determine each students' academic level, and upon later testing, his progress

· Teaching and reinforcing basics.

· Teaching study strategies, organizational and social skills

Kenley Motto

If a child doesn't learn the way he is taught, we teach him the way he learns.


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